Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is one of the world’s most known green building certifications that takes into account a building’s sustainable material usage. However, to achieve the points-based LEED certification can take years, especially in Cambodia, as there are numerous procedures to go through that needs to be verified and comply to certain criteria.

After a rigorous two year process to attain the LEED-certification, Laurelton Diamond Factory has finally scored a fair point of 47 within its installation of one of the first off-grid solar power plant in Cambodia.

According to Michel Cassagnes, managing director and architectural design director of Archetype, the LEED-certification will become the standard for green buildings in Cambodia, and aims to encourage other owners to embrace the practices for their projects as well.

The goal is not only to make a sustainable development, but to meet a higher level of certification such as LEED. Cambodia is trusted to be on the right path in developing eco-friendly projects.

Graeme Currie, the vice president of Laurelton Diamond’s manufacturing, said that this is part of the company’s commitment to the environment in all aspects of their corporate identity.