As land prices in big cities skyrocket, developers are saving costs by building on most out of their land plot. This results in a reduction of green spaces in the city. According to the Asia Development Bank (ADB), big cities in Asia are currently encountering challenges such as chaotic traffic, air pollution, and especially a lack of parks and green space.

Phnom Penh is also facing such problems as the number of buildings keep growing, while the green infrastructure remains underrated. Phnom Penh is rated as one of the cities with the lowest number green areas per capita in the ASEAN region, accounting for only 1.1 square metres per person.

To find out more about how to tackle this issue, the Construction Property Magazine reporter sat down with Dr. Sin Socheit, President of Cambodian Society of Architects (CSA) and Director of Group Four Architects & Engineers, to discuss the balance between the growth in high-rises and green spaces in Phnom Penh.